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Raffle entry for ProTek PTK26401 Samurai RM Maifield Edition 'Drake-In' .21 Competition Nitro Engine Broken In by Adam Drake

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ProTek RM Maifield Edition "Drake-In" .21 Engine - 2022 Nitro Challenge 1/8 Buggy & 1/8 Truggy Winner!!! 

Adam Drake is a legend - so its no  surprise that when we decided to offer a pre-run Samurai, we would take  advantage of Adam's "EBIS" engine break in services. Now, the same "Oil  Bath" break in service trusted by Ryan Maifield, Robert Battle, Ty  Tessmann, Spencer Rivkin, Mike Truhe, and many others is now available  to you, performed with the knowledge and precision that has made The  Drake a legend in RC racing. 

The ProTek R/C Samurai RM Maifield  Edition "Drake-In" 3-Port .21 Competition Nitro Engine is Ryan  Maifield's weapon of choice when he steps onto the battlefield. The  Maifield Edition combines features hand picked by ProTek R/C team driver  Ryan Maifield, with the proven race winning performance of the ProTek  Samurai platform. 

The RM Maifield Edition features a unique  backplate with steel insert to reduce friction. This helps to provide  increased connecting rod lifespan, a more stable idle and higher RPM,  while also eliminating the risk of aluminum debris in the engine due to  backplate wear. The RM Edition is paired with the proven "high power"  21j carburetor and long stroke configuration, making it a great option  for large track 1/8 nitro buggy and 1/8 nitro truck racing. A low CG 9  fin "RM" cooling head, 3 port sleeve and ceramic rear bearing round out  the package to create a pro-level engine that delivers the power and  performance needed to win, with the reliability required to compete at  the highest levels of competition. 

Final Run In Instructions: 

  • Heat the engine to 180°F-200°F using the ProTek R/C 12V engine heater (PTK-4050).
  • Prime and start the engine. The carb has been adjusted, but you may  need to make slight adjustments depending on your fuel, vehicle, weather  and elevation. Overall the settings will be very close.
  • Tank #1 Let engine idle and heat saturate for 1-2 minutes. During  this time you can fine-tune the idle adjustment and slowly apply the  throttle to burn out any excess assembly oil. Start running the vehicle  on the track or parking lot. The engine should be crisp on bottom to  mid, but still slightly rich on top end. At the completion of the first  tank, let the engine cool with the piston at bottom dead center.
  • Tank #2 & 3 Preheat engine and continue running on the track. If  needed, you can lean in the High-Speed Needle one hour. At the  completion of the 3rd tank, let the engine cool with the piston at  bottom dead center.
  • Tank #4 Preheat engine and continue running on the track. At this  point you should be close to race tune with High Speed Needle slightly  rich to provide proper lubrication. The engine will continue to improve  and gain fuel mileage the next ½ to full gallon of use. You should be  ready to go racing!


  • Designed in collaboration with Ryan Maifield 
  • Steel backplate insert to reduce friction, reduce wear, increase RPM and offer a more stable idle
  • Superior tunability
  • Low CG 9 fin "RM" cooling head  
  • Aggressive power band
  • Ideal for 1/8 buggy & truck applications
  • 6.0mm & 6.5mm circular venturis
  • Ceramic rear bearing
  • ABC piston and 3-port cylinder
  • Ultra hot ProTek P3 turbo glow plug
  • Strengthened black-coated crankcase
  • Utilizes 21j "High Efficiency" Carburetor 

Recommended Exhaust: 

  • PTK-2090: ProTek R/C 2090 Tuned Pipe w/Manifold 

Recommended Glowplug: 

  • PTK-2542: ProTek R/C P3 Turbo Glow Plug (Ultra Hot) 

Displacement: 3.49cc / 0.213  
Bore: 16.27mm/0.641in.  
Stroke: 16.80mm/0.661in.  
Output: 2.68ps/2.64hp/34,000 r.p.m  
Practical RPM Range: 4,000-42,000 r.p.m.  
Weight: 352g/12.42oz.  


  • (1) RM Edition "Drake-In" Off-Road .21 Engine w/21j Carburetor
  • (1) "Gold" P3 Turbo Glow Plug (Ultra Hot)  
  • (1) High Temp Exhaust Gasket
  • (1) 6mm "Circular" Aluminum Carburetor Restrictor 
  • (1) 6.5mm "Circular" Aluminum Carburetor Restrictor
  • (3) Dust Caps (3mm, 16mm & 17mm)