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RC10B6.4D 1/10 Electric Off Road 2WD Buggy Team Kit

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The RC10B6.4 platform continues the trend of offering two kit  configurations. Both kits include the next generation 13mm diameter  big-bore shocks and springs to provide the ultimate in damping and  stability. The larger diameter shocks reduce pressure inside the shock  and minimize the effects of the shaft displacement. This allows the  buggy to feel like it's riding on an invisible cloud when you hit harsh  jumps and landings. The chassis, front end, and steering system is  optimized for running reduced caster and kickup, which excels on high  speed, high grip surfaces. An updated steering system with adjustable  height bellcranks helps racers minimize bumpsteer. In addition, the  front suspension is equipped with new -1mm kingpin offset steering and  caster blocks for smooth and predictable front end feel through the  entire throw. The -1mm design pushes the steering pivot closer the  center of the front tire, keeping the front end flat through the entire  steering throw.   Both buggies are equipped with a new chassis layout and ESC weights that  allow forward mounted electronics closer to the servo, as well as  additional forward battery placement over the previous model. All of the  new weight tuning options allow for more high-speed stability and  on-power steering on high grip carpet. The #90034 RC10B6.4 Team Kit  will be the buggy of choice for high grip carpet or turf track surfaces  with the new +3mm chassis layout, 11mm Octalock LCF slipper clutch  setup, steel ESC and servo weights, and included anti-roll bars front  and rear. The #90035 RC10B6.4D Team Kit includes a new  dirt-length chassis, 19mm Octalock LCF slipper clutch setup, aluminum  ESC weight, layback gearbox, and an optimized dirt kit setup.   Both cars share many great features, such as an easy-access rear  differential, new wide pivot rear aluminum arm mounts for use with 73mm  arms and 69mm CVA bones, and updated carbon fiber shock towers with  molded protective covers. The setups and tuning parts remain  interchangeable between the two configurations. Both versions come with  the speed, durability and lineage expected of a true champion. Choose  the configuration that suits your track and conquer the competition!   New Features New 13mm big-bore threaded aluminum shocks and springs with machined shock pistons for improved bump and jump handling New  dirt length aluminum chassis with 22.5deg. kick-up to complement  updated front-end geometry and with new shape to reduce chassis scrub  with the track surface 20deg, 22.5deg, and 25deg molded bulkheads included for a complete range of caster and kickup options New adjustable height steering bellcrank and rack system for optimized bumpsteer at all ride heights and caster angles New -1mm kingpin offset steering and caster block set for smoother and more predictable steering through the entire wheel throw New  steel RC10B6.4 ESC mounting tray shifted forward in the chassis and  with a wider footprint to fit electronics, resulting in a further  forward weight bias New front ballstud mount, top plate, and front wing mount to account for the kickup angle change New chassis side rails with three fan mount locations to choose from depending on chassis length and transmission used New caged thrust bearing for ball differential New cab-forward design RC10B6.4 bodyshell offered in standard (kit) and lightweight (optional) thickness Legacy Features 4mm carbon fiber front and rear shock towers with molded protective covers Aluminum servo mounting system with direct-to-chassis mounts and molded brace with transponder mounting location Octalock spur gear and 19mm Octalock LCF pads Wide  pivot rear aluminum arm mounts for use with 73mm arms and 69mm CVA  bones gives more predictable rear traction and an easy-to-drive rear-end  feel. Also compatible with 75mm optional arms using the narrowest  insert settings. Symmetric rear arms with improved geometry and  stiffness that can be flipped to allow a "split" for rear shock mounting  position. Arms are available in 73mm and 75mm lengths (73mm included) Rear  hub assembly with modular vertical ball stud camber link mounts and  axle height adjustments for precise roll center adjustments Outer rear hinge pins captured with bolt head and locknut for increased durability Clear body and clear wing included Front wing mount and front wing included Rod end battery brace parts and hardware included in kit Molded wire clips included for motor and ESC wires +1 carbon fiber steering arms Black steel LP serrated wheel nuts 69mm CVA bones for reduced bone plunge and minimized friction at drive pin Aluminum electronics plate included for improved mass balance and lower overall center of mass 5mm aluminum clamping wheel hexes Ball differential included Lay-down and Lay-back transmission assemblies included for tuning mass balance to different track surfaces Adjustable differential height to allow drive shaft alignment through all ride height & axle height configurations Shocks include X-rings for low friction assembly Aluminum rear ballstud mount with three link positions options for maximum adjustability and added strength Lightweight aluminum one-piece top shaft and gear Factory Team ball bearing set with 24 precision ball bearings, now oiled instead of greased for more efficient drivetrain